[Lnc-business] Credit where credit is due – Trump's bold regulatory reforms

You equated the US government as a failed state and center of terrorism in the analysis of civil society and international travel.
Gay-bashing is mild in that analysis and in the conditions of failed-states.

Wow, drawing that connection is quite a stretch! Do you just pick things to say at random?

  The email that got this thread started was my message recommending that the LP commend Trump's regulatory reforms, which I tempered by noting his xenophobic executive order against refugees and immigrants. You ignored the main thrust of that message and zeroed in on the term "xenophobia", which is of course your prerogative as a commenter, but it seems worth pointing out at this juncture how that term was taken out of context.

  Perhaps I should have simply responded to your first question that presumed a connection I didn't make, "What does xenophobia have in common with failed states and centers of terrorism?", by saying "You tell me!", and asking "Why are you focusing on that word in particular out of my whole message?"

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