Lively LPSF Meeting of August 14

Dear All,

Thank you's are in order! To those who came to the meeting and bravely expressed their pros/cons on our discussion on the propositions on the November ballot. To Ron for conducting the pro/con melee. To Michael E. for time keeping (I don't know how he can remain calm under the circumstances!) The "straw poll" preferences will be posted on the LPSF Website. The formal recommendations will be voted at the September 11 meeting.

Some of us will come to the "Principles over Politics Rally" on September 4, 2:00 - 4:00 pm. Organized by John Dennis, Congressional Candidate for District 8. Yes, this is the same District our own Phil Berg is running for. However, some of us are curious about what the illustrious guests at this event will say -- Ron Paul, and Matt Gonzalez. We know that Ron Paul is endorsing John, but the thought is Matt Gonzalez endorsing John Dennis is certainly worth a listen to!! If you want to stay together as a group, meet us at the statue in front of the Main Library (is it Vishnu?) at 2:00 pm

Thank you also to Bill Hemenger, Candidate for Supervisor, District 8, and his campaign manager Geoffrey Murry, for visiting us. We do not have an LPSF candidate for District 8, since Starchild missed out because of a couple of disqualified signatures. Therefore, if you want to volunteer for Bill, first step is to go to his website .

We are still hoping that Starchild's Ballot Argument against Porp. J can appear on the Voter's Handbook. Given that not much is coming into the LPSF treasury, not much should be going out. Thus, we need to depend on donations for specific projects.

Unfortunately Brigette Portman, the researcher from UC Irvine, who said she was interviewing Democrats and Republicans but wanted to include libertarians also for a more balanced study, was not able to make it to our meeting. Perhaps we need to work harder on folks' perception that our views are worth considering!

So, look at our website for the straw poll on the propositions. Come out on September 4 to see what the "Ron Paul Republicans" have to say.



Yesterday's SFLP meeting sounds like it was fun. I just got back from southern California. I spoke about Prop. 14 to the 60 or so people attending the American Independent Party's state convention. I also got to attend the banquet and hear their gubernatorial candidate, Chelene Nightingale. I was surprised to learn that she had been campaign manager for our Libertarian Party gubernatorial nominee in 2006, Art Olivier.

Chelene's big campaign issue is that California should have something in place in its laws that Arizona has, to make it easier to expel illegal immigrants. She has a campaign staff of 6 people and appears to me to have the biggest campaign of any minor party candidate for statewide office this year in California. She is fairly young and attractive. She lives in Los Angeles County.


  I wonder what Art Olivier has to say about it. Which Republican is
endorsed on the LP website?

Love & Liberty,
        ((( starchild )))