List of places to advertise for Prop. A

I don't think I'll be able to come to the meeting tonight. But here's a list of some local publications in which to advertise against Prop. A. I recommend this approach as an alternative to using a big, non-local site like Facebook, or Google Ads, because I think it will do more to help us with community networking and visibility. People associated with these various publications will remember us as a group that advertised with them.

Love & Liberty,
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El Reportero ( / )
The Epoch Times ( / )
Golden Gate XPress ( editor Kate Williams? / )
The Guardsman ( / )
Bay Area Reporter ( editor Cynthia Laird? / / )
SF Bay Times ( / )
SFist (publisher Jake Dobkin - )
Fog City Journal ( )
Philippine News ( )
Castro Courier ( / )
Westside Observer ( I don't have their info, I believe Aubrey does )
Irish Herald ( / )
Noe Valley Voice ( publishers Sally Smith & Jack Tipple? / / )
Potrero View ( / )
SF Bayview ( / )
The Western Edition ( / )

Hi Matt,

  I just got back from Sacramento with Aubrey, and he had the same suggestion. I will look into it. As far as the budget for advertising, I suppose it depends mainly upon how much we raise and what if anything else we may want to spend money on. Aubrey told me about an idea for a postcard; are there any other suggestions for spending money against Prop. A?

Love & Liberty,
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