Like-minded Groups

Dear All,

Several LPSF members have belonged or still belong to the War and Law League. As a member of WAL's board, I have been making an annual appeal for your support of this like-minded group, which for the past 10 years has been working to "uphold the Constitution and treaties of the United States in matters of war and peace, opposing any wars started by presidents and not declared by Congress."

WAL is a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization. It operates under the fiscal sponsorship of the world-wide Agape Foundation. Its annual dues are only $10; and of course, extra donations are very much appreciated.

If you decide to support WAL, please make your membership checks payable to the "Agape Foundation", and send it to: War and Law League, P.O. Box 42-7237, San Francisco, CA 94142. Any extra funds that you find it in your heart to give, please do so by writing a check to the "War and Law League". The difference in payees operates in exactly the same way as it does with LPCA and LPSF.

Please visit WAL's website at

Thank you!!