Liberty on the Rocks event at Ocean Beach (Chalet/bonfire)?

Just spoke with Kevin Duewel, San Mateo LP vice-chair. He recently became organizer of the Bay Area Liberty on the Rocks Meetup group when the previous organizer stepped down, and had a successful first event last night (in Burlingame if I recall correctly).

  We talked about having LOR events happen elsewhere around the bay, and he wants to find organizations like the LPSF to host them, as a way of making sure the group doesn't atrophy as happened before he stepped up. He proposed the idea of having a Liberty on the Rocks event at the Ocean Beach Chalet with a bonfire on the beach afterward sometime in the next couple months, which sounds good to me.

  I haven't been to the Chalet in a long time though, and don't really recall that much about the venue. It's a pretty big space, so probably finding an area quiet enough to be able to converse shouldn't be too much of an issue, but we might want to find out whether they might have loud music, other events, etc. The ideal venue, I think we both agreed, would be somewhere with other people around whom we can expose to conversation with libertarians, but not *so* many other people that we get "lost in the crowd" or that it's too noisy/busy to really converse.

  Other than that, the main issues are location -- this being way out on the edge of the city, I think we should try to coordinate ride-shares. We could ask people when they RSVP how they will be getting there, and if driving, whether they can give rides. The final issue is the menu -- whether they have a good bar selection (as noted it's a large space and I think they probably do) and reasonable prices (that might be more of an issue). If they're too pricey, maybe we can find a cheaper bar near the beach somewhere? Just a thought.

  Anyway, let us know what people think about the LPSF hosting this, and when we'd want to do it.

Love & Liberty,
                                ((( starchild )))

Beach Chalet is very nice...but it isn't inexpensive and I don't believe they have a private room. Best to call though. It's a bit facility. If the weather is nice there's a great outdoor garden. I like the idea of a bonfire afterwards.


Hi All. I'm all for anything that increases the visibility of the LPSF and doesn't cost us money that we don't have. My main focus is trying to secure more activists, so if we can snare any new ones from social activities, it's worth the effort. I will help to transport folks out "to the wilderness."

Thanks, Kevin, for resurrecting Liberty on the Rocks!

Hi Starchild,

We would like to begin to plan for the next mixer with Liberty on the Rocks.

What is the conclusion on LPSF hosting the next mixer followed by a bonfire
on Ocean Beach?

Next steps would be determine who would like to volunteer with this, and to
determine which dates would work best.