Libertarians who registered Republican can serve as state convention delegates

The LPC Judicial Committee has overruled the interpretation we agreed on
at the January LPSF meeting. So, if you were registered Libertarian for
at least 90 days at any point in your life, switched to another party to
vote in the recent primary, and are now willing to switch back to
registering Libertarian, then you can indeed vote as a delegate at the
state party convention in San Diego next weekend.

We want as many SF people in attendance as possible, so if you can make
it to San Diego, please do so. Here's the state convention website:

Also, if you can't make it to the state convention in San Diego, but
would like to be nominated as a delegate to the national convention in
Denver in May, please send me your name, so that I can nominate you in
San Diego. I think you're more likely to be chosen as a national
delegate if you show up in person at the state convention, but it's not
a requirement that you be present at the state convention in order to be
elected as a national delegate. Again, the more delegates we can get
from San Francisco to both the state and national conventions, the better.


Rob Power
LPSF Chair

From the LPC Secretary...

The Judicial Committee ruled on this previously, and
the by-laws were interpreted strictly. We recognize "any" 90-day period
prior to the event, even though the word "any" isn't used in the by-laws.

<< Will people who have been registered with any other political party
within the last 90 days be allowed to serve as delegates to the state
convention (aside from the 17 wild cards that can be named by the excom)?

Yep. All they've got to do is meet the 4 requirements: