Libertarians on Facebook

Well, I am doing my part by going into MySpace and
Facebook and recruiting Libertarians, libertarians,
Ron Paul supporters and other like-minded folks in the
San Fran and San Jose as well as NorCal areas to work
on local campaigns or run for office themselves for
experience while "older" more experienced and
qualified candidates run for, and win local office.

In keeping with what I said above I am hosting a
meeting this Saturday, October 20th, in Moss Beach
(Half Moon Bay) from 1130am to 5pm. It will be called
The Next Generation Liberty Sumitt 2008 and will be
for 18 to 32 (35) year old libertarians and
Libertarians etc to share their experiences or learn
to work to elect candidates that share in the liberty
movement. I will be having local candidates and state
and national LP officials speaking. If you know anyone
in that age range that would possibly attend all or
part of this event, have them call me at 650.949.1802
or e-mail me at


-TJ Campbell
Mountain View, CA

I tend to agree with TJ on the Facebook Libertarian identification;
and TJ's reaching out to the young crowd sounds terrific to me.

As a "previous generation" person, I am not comfortable navigating in
MySpace, Facebook, etc., but think it would be great if more
Libertarians who are versed in this stuff participated.

I do, however, agree with Phil that a social event such as "Drinking
Freely" might be more successful if emphasis is on fun rather than
serious recruitment. I think "Drinking Freely" should be carefully
targeted; perhaps some events for the young crowd and some for the
older crowd (most young people would only congregate with older folks
in public places if allowed to wear a paper bag over their heads).


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