Libertarianism done issue by issue, city by city

An excerpt from an email forwarded to me by a friend:

You will be interested to know that Texas libertarians have had many successes at the local level pursuing one reform at a time. We write a proposed law with a libertarian theme and do petition drives to get our policy proposals on the ballots of home rule cities. These are called local initiatives. I can send details and a game plan to take this strategy nationwide. I call this micro-politics.

There are 5,400 home rule cities in the country. The potential is therefore great for this tactic to sweep the country because most of those cities are small, allowing libertarians, wearing their hats as citizen lawmakers, to be immediately effective at very little expense, so money should be no barrier.

I believe that over timeā€¦ say nine years or so, as we rewrite and repeal local laws, we can change the American zeitgeist with the conversations we stimulate in local jurisdictions, and influence the debates in major cities and at higher levels.

My best,

Barry Klein
Pres. / Houston Property Rights Association
713-224-4144 <>

The tactic in practice:
Forbes on-line article: December, 2015