Libertarian Party of San Francisco: WTF?

Is there such a thing as a good response to this comment below? How about:

"Thank you for your comments. I agree that we should be able to do more,
but the sticking point has been in getting volunteers. Are you interested
in volunteering for Phil Berg's campaign? You seem to be more experienced
at managing a campaign than Phil is. I'm sure he'd love to talk with you
about managing his campaign.

Also, thank you for letting me know about his website. I will try go help
him get that resolved this weekend.

We'd love to have you join us at our next county central committee meeting
on December 5 from 3 to 5pm. Would you be available to attend?"

Or is the best response no response?


This seems to me a pretty good response, and better than no response.

Dear Rob

I already responded earlier and asked how much of the minimum million dollars campaign fund he could contribute to and how he proposed to get the MSM to mention the candidates name so there would be some name recognition.

This is his answer:

Excuse my anger, but it sounds like you've already given up. No wonder
the Libertarian party can't get off the ground. The media loves a fight
with Pelosi and the press would love it (free press coverage!), but you
folks in SF obviously are not fighters or fundraisers. Anywhere else in
the country all a strong Libertarian candidate can do is split the
swing vote and ultimately cause the election of tax and spend
Democrats. At least SF would not do that, because a Republican there is
without a prayer. There are 300 million voters in the us, with 1/3
claiming they are independants. So out of 100 million voters, you are
saying you can't get $1 US dollar from 1% of them, not to mention all
the money Conservatives would spend, just to see Pelosi and her
socialist ideals go away. You get a serious candidate and the money
will come. But to do that, you guys will need a fire in your belly,
which is apparently asking too much. Either Republican candidate Sue
Reid or Danny Tarkanian will defeat Senator Reid hands down, and they
will do it with donations from people all over the US.

is plenty of Conservative money in Cali for you guys, but you've got to
go out and get it. It starts with a real candidate. How about a
Cinnamon Stillwell or a Sally Zelikovsky?
Too conservative for you? At least Sally knows what life in a communist
country is really like. She would be the model Libertarian on the order
of Ayn Rand if you spent some time courting her. There are plenty of

Oh, well, enjoy your little "Libertarian" cocktail parties and fruitless political
discussions. You guys keep on telling each other how much smarter than the rest of SF you are, but
Pelosi and all her Freedom destroying ilk count on your lack of passion.