Libertarian Party of San Francisco Minutes of Meeting for Saturday, October 13, 2012

Libertarian Party of San Francisco Minutes of Meeting for Saturday, October
13, 2012

The meeting was attended by Aubrey Freeman, Chairman, Les Mangus, Benson
Cooper, Michael Edelstein, Marcy Berry, David Lac, Sam Sloan, Starchild,
Phil Berry and Jim Korn.

Les Magnus reported that he had written three letters to the editor that
had been published. He has also set up a Facebook page for the San
Francisco Libertarian Party.

Starchild arrived early and reported that he has been campaigning against
Propositions A C E and G and against California Propositions 30 and 35

Benson Cooper reported that he has been planning to hold his nose while
voting for Romney.

Aubrey reported that he has been doing his usual stuff.

On Monday October 22 there will be a hearing at the San Francisco
Courthouse regarding Top 2 which has the effect of ruling the Libertarian
Party off the ballot. Everyone is encouraged to attend.

The Treasurer reported $4219.26 in the bank

The Party has published ads in the newspaper El Reportero and in the
Chinese newspaper. The chinese newspaper ads seem to have an especially
good and cost effective response.

These is an SF initiative to ban public nudity by Scott Weiner.

Marcy gave a report on all the local candidates. All are progressive and
she cannot recommend that we support any of them.

Some are less bad than the others.

Joel Engardio is the best of a bad lot.

Jill Wins is not as bad as the others.

Sandra Fener and Rachel Norton are also not that bad. Kim Gamie is a
lesbian running for the school board. Naturally we should support her if at
all possible.

Marcy wants to support Rachel Norton. She also gives Steve Ngo honorable

I am sure I have spelled most of the names of the candidates wrong so
please send me corrections.

Sam Sloan, Secretary

Libertarian Party of San Francisco

Thank you, Sam. Once the revised Minutes are approved, they will be posted on the LPSF website