Libertarian Party now accepting donations in Bitcoin (BTC) :: Wire Service Media

Hi Phil and All,

The byline refers to the Libertarian Party of Canada. I just looked at the Libertarian Party of Canada's website. They accept donations in regular currency in the usual regular ways, as well as donations in Bitcoins. In other words, nice they are making a libertarian statement by accepting Bitcoins, but they are making sure the money keeps coming in to keep the lights on via regular currency.

Again, I have no objection if 1) a volunteer sets up a safe and effective way for LPSF to receive donations via Bitcoin, 2) a volunteer commits to keeping track of the Bitcoin account (how much is in the account, how much is that worth in U.S. dollars, what the exchange rate is), 3) a volunteer commits to making exchanges to U.S. dollars when LPSF wants the money for operational or outreach needs. Frankly, I do not believe LPSF has such committed volunteers, but I could be wrong.

LPSF needs to focus on raising some funds. Were it not for the bequest LPSF received a few years ago, LPSF would be totally broke, since not much is coming in. While a libertarian statement such as Bitcoin would be a good gimmick for the LPSF, what we really need is a PayPal or other on-line account, as well as boots on the ground working on activities that would give a reason for folks to donate, or even renew their membership.