Libertarian outreach tomorrow (Oakland)

Monterey County LP chair Lawrence Samuels has been coordinating a Libertarian presence at local high school debating society (JSA) conferences for years (see message below). I’ll be going with Jawj Greenwald to this libertarian outreach opportunity in Oakland tomorrow morning, to talk with high school students and give out some of our newly ordered literature and other items. I’m meeting her at 10am at Coliseum BART station – if anyone else wants to come and would like a ride, she can fit one more (two if squeezed in the back seat) in her car. If you’re interested, just give me a call to coordinate.

Love & Liberty,

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Chair, Libertarian Party of San Francisco
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On Apr 14, 2023, at 9:26 AM, Lawrence Samuels wrote:

Dear all:

Just a remember to come and help out at Libertarian Party booth at the JSA Convention.

The JSA (Junior States of America) is having a spring political fair on Sunday, April 16. These are high school children who are interested in politics and economics. We have had a Libertarian Party literature/button table at this event for over 20 years. Anyway, the Political Fair starts at 11 AM and goes to 12 noon or later. This year the event will be at a new location: Hilton Oakland Airport, at One Hegenberger Rd, Oakland, CA. There will be hundreds of students. And we need libertarians to talk with them. We will have the Noland Chart display to show the students where they stand on the political spectrum. I hope you can come.

Lawrence Samuels, Chair, LP of Monterey County – (831-238-5058)