Libertarian hell

Yes, you have the same problem as R's had when Bush, Dold, Bush, McCain, and Romney were nominated.
Bummer. I would be so f'n outraged...

At least our guy is good looking and does have a platform of lots smaller government than the war mongers you mention.

John, in my family here, I am stuck with two (not just one, two!) Trump supporters. As you, they say Trump is going to decimate The Establishment. Hooray! But what I hear is Trump saying the same thing The Establishment is saying, trust me, I (government) will bring back your jobs, make America... Bla bla. Our guy is just saying, government, just get out of our way, you smell. So in spite of the fact Johnson/Weld might not be radical enough for some Libs, he is still in the Lib neighborhood, while Trump is not, in my view.