Libertarian-Green Presidential Debate - Live Internet Broadcast - Thursday 130pm (PST)

September 29 - Pompano Beach Fl. - Pompano Beach Fl. - Free-Market News
Network, Corp. (FMNN) will provide Internet broadcasting for the
"Peoples Debates" featuring Michael Badnarik of the Libertarian Party and
David Cobb of the Green Party.

The debate will take place on Thursday,
September 30, at 5 p.m., at the Holiday Inn Ballroom, 1350 S. Dixie
Highway, in Coral Gables.

Exclusive live internet coverage will be available for viewing at .Coverage will begin at 4:30 PM and is expected to
wrap up at approximately 7:30 PM.

The open-format debate will be a stark contrast to the other Miami
"debate" featuring President George Bush and challenger Senator John Kerry.
Unlike the scripted, stilted affairs offered by the debates between the
two "major," candidates, the Peoples Debate's offers a free-wheeling
exchange of ideas and will allow for uncensored questions from the public
and students representing a wide range of viewpoints on issues of
critical import to the nation and the economy.

"We're pleased the Internet-based leverage provided by FMNN is being
utilized for this worthwhile political cause," said Anthony Wile, Founder
and President of FMNN. "When the Peoples Debate sponsors looked around
for the ideal web-based broadcaster, they needed to go no further than
FMNN. In a fairly short period of time, FMNN has established itself as
a leader in the Internet news niche and as a New Media pioneer -
combining internet radio, eTV and print publications for maximum viewer
benefit and information access."

And Mr. Wile added, "Recent surveys find the 'Net continues to make
progress as New Media's flagship information provider. One survey even
showed that almost half of all information consumers under 30 named the
Internet as their preferred choice for entertainment and information."

Mr. Wile was referring to a recent report from the Online Publishers
Association (OPA), revealing, according to MacWorld UK, "that 45.6 of
18-54 year-olds will turn to the Internet, rather than the TV, as first
choice for home entertainment. The OPA surveyed 1,235 U.S. respondents in
the following age bands: 18-24; 25-34 and 35-54. In a head-to-head
comparison, online media compared very well with traditional entertainment

Two non-partisan student organizations, the University of Miami's
Council for Democracy and the Miami-Dade College Student Senate, are
sponsoring the unrestricted, open format debate along with the Center for
Voting and Democracy, a nonprofit, non-partisan Maryland-based
organization. Mr. Anderson, the former Republican congressman and independent
presidential candidate who received 6 million votes in 1980, is the chair of
the Center for Voting and Democracy and will present an opening
statement prior to the debate.

"This open debate will provide students in South Florida and throughout
the nation an unparalleled opportunity to realize the richness,
substance and diversity of American discourse outside the two-party monopoly,"
said Edward Martos, President of the Council for Democracy, a
non-partisan student organization dedicated to raising political awareness.

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