libertarian club at sfsu

Hi Mike,

  Thanks for your message. The name of the professor who was
previously advisor to the libertarian student group I started at SF
State is Subodh Bhat. He's in the marketing department, and his email
address is <>.

  I encourage you to come to our next Libertarian Party of San
Francisco meeting, and we can discuss plans to get a libertarian
student group up and running at SF State at the beginning of the fall
semester. The LPSF meets the 2nd Saturday each month at Milano's
Pizza, 1330 9th Avenue at Irving, from 3-5pm, followed by a free
pizza social from 5-6pm. You can also get this information at, which is also the place where you can sign up for our
local email lists, <> (low volume list
for announcements) and <> (general
discussion list). There's also an invite-only list for core business,
<>, that I'm copying on this message.

  Meanwhile, I hope you will find out as much as possible about the
current rules and steps for starting a student group. I have some
materials that I can give you from my time at SF State. Please let me
know if there's anything else I can do.

Love & liberty,
        <<< starchild >>>
               Vice Chair/Outreach Director,
           Libertarian Party of San Francisco
         (415) 621-7932