Libertarian Chat Friday (1/12/07)

Dear Dr. Mike;

You have your practice in San Francisco. Nancy Pelosi is from San Francisco. You live in California. California is part of the USA. Bush is from Texas. Texas is part of theUSA. Pelosi and Bush by association are your fault - now accept your faults and repent for your sins of association - we got stuck with them two dingbats simply because of your association with them - it's your fault of association - so you get the association blame for them dang fool critters - by association - the restest of us are totally innocent of association and pure as the wind driven association when it comes to faults by association. Unh Hunh!

Ron ( Innocent as a Virgin ) Getty
SF ( It's Not My Fault ) Libertarian

BTW: Thinking about the Virgin stuff -just what kind of line did God give the Virgin Mary - where she said Yes?
Can you imagine God - Bhudda - Allah hanging out at some singles bar together - trying out various pick up lines on women?

God: just call me Dog - That's Big Dog and meet my good friend - Buddy and good old Al. Unh Hunh!