Libertarian Books

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The Market for Liberty by Morris and Linda Tannehill (1970)

Society Without Coercion by Jarret Wollstein (1969)

The Discovery of Freedom by Rose Wilder Lane (1943)

I just picked up a book by Rose Wilder Lane's mother, Laura Ingalls Wilder (well, actually a book of her letters). Titled "West From Home" (Harper Trophy, 1974) and edited by the LP's Roger MacBride, it contains Laura's letters to her husband back home about her trip from Missouri to San Francisco by train to see the 1915 world's fair, at the urging of Rose, who was already in SF. I had no idea that Rose used to live in San Francisco -- on Vallejo Street, according to the book, which has a captioned photo of the house. If we ever get around to doing a walking tour, that would be something to mention for sure.

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