Libertarian Blogging?

Hi, y'all!

I've been getting these e-mails for about a month now.
Even though the information has been very interesting
and through-provoking, I am going to unsubscribe and
instead read the messages on the bulletin board. As
I'm leaving, I do have a suggestion: why not turn the
mailing list into a blog somewhere? The discussions
on LPSF have been interesting enough that other people
might like to read them and/or join the discussion.
Blogging is a great way to spread the word about
Libertarian issues and viewpoints. I usually read and
comment at,
which is totally free to join and a fun, active


The discussions are already available on the web via the group's web page and there is even an RSS feed for folks using RSS aggregators.

-- Steve

RSS feeds are great! But, sites like LiveJournal have
a networking advantage over Yahoo Groups or individual
Web pages. When I read an interesting comment from
someone on LJ, I look at their journal -- and
oftentimes other journals of their friends. The LPSF
group could definitely increase its reach by switching
to a real blogging service.


How many people on this group have LiveJournals?

-- Steve

I'm afraid I have no idea what it is.

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I think it's a creative idea that merits consideration. But would it mean we'd have to check a website to read the discussion rather than receiving emails? I would consider that a major inconvenience.

Yours in liberty,
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