Letter to the Editor - SF Examiner - State budget crisis

December 1, 2007


        Assemblyman John Laird insists that the state’s budget crisis is due to the fact that “Californians generally believe in government and want it adequately funded” (Viewpoints, 11/30/07).

        Nonsense. Californians also generally believe in eating, and want it adequately funded, but they don’t express that belief by going out to restaurants and ordering food they don’t have the means to pay for. The reason Sacramento witnesses one budget crisis after another is because politicians like Laird are too irresponsible to limit expenditures to no more than the amount of revenues, the way the rest of us must.

        Anyone who says the state budget can’t be cut simply lacks the political courage to say no to entrenched government interests. Legislators could take a major step toward fiscal sanity by capping the salaries of state employees, including themselves, at $99,999 per year. “Public service” should mean just that – serving the public. No one should be raking in six-figure salaries on the backs of working Californians struggling to make ends meet after paying state sales tax and various other taxes and fees. Too many politicians and bureaucrats have gotten used to taking home way bigger checks than the ordinary people they work for (see http://www.dpa.ca.gov/salaries/elected.htm ). Shame on Assemblyman Laird and his greedy, fatcat colleagues for always trying to raise taxes or cut services instead of tightening their own belts for a change.



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Libertarian Party of San Francisco

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Interesting letter. I just heard on KQED Radio this morning that the
California Legislature's $3,900 pay raise is effective today. Prior to
December 1, every Senator and Assembly member made $116,000 per year, making
California's politicians the highest paid in the nation. Now the highest
paid politicians in the country are making $3,900 more money per year than
they did last week.

I seem to remember that the story said only four politicians chose not to
accept the new salary, and are keeping their pay at the $116,000 level. I
will have to follow up and find out who those politicians are so we may
recognize them somehow.

Terry Floyd


It turns out that there were 13 politicians who chose not to accept the pay
raise, but the only ones touting this on their websites are State Senator
Abel Maldonado of Santa Maria and Assemblyman Ted Gaines of Roseville. I
may need to call Sacramento to get the full list of all 13.

But in doing a Google search on the topic, I also discovered that all
legislative staff workers got a pay increase that was effective on November
1. But this was anticipated many months ago, and was actually built into
the bloated budget that Governor Schwarzenegger signed into law last

More details are at http://www.news10.net/display_story.aspx?storyid=35856

Or http://tinyurl.com/2l6ttu