Letter to the Editor - Licensing CHILDREN?


  It is irresponsible for anyone in the media to even hint at the idea of licensing children (Christopher Caen, Nov. 12-13). Because to the dangerously deluded class of authoritarians in our midst, almost any proposal to increase government control will sound like a good idea. Then all it takes is some grandstanding politician reacting to an alarming incident in the news that has normally sane people like Caen mentioning an unthinkable solution because it makes good copy, and away we go.

  Those of us who value freedom need to stop being so gullible when it comes to "protecting our children." The feel-good proposals that claim this goal aren't in the best interest of children when it means they will grow up to a world where their opportunities, choices and rights have been taken away. Is that what you want for your kids?

  As the number of laws on the books and the level of control over our lives continue to ratchet up to ever more frightening levels, I too am wondering, where is the breaking point? How far down the road to Orwell's 1984 do we have to go before people wake up? Think that's nonsense? Look around, the cameras are already in place.


Outreach Director, Libertarian Party of San Francisco
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