Letter To The Editor - Democratic Cowardice On Display In The House


  Evidently Rep. Nancy Pelosi and many of her Democratic colleagues in the House did not want to be forced to take a stand for or against a U.S. military presence in Iraq, prefering to snipe at the administration from the sidelines while avoiding any firm statements of their own. Well, too bad for them. Their bluff was called, and they voted to keep U.S. troops in Iraq.

  Either these Democrats have been for military engagement all along, and have been trying to have it both ways by pandering to constituents who are anti-intervention, or the Marine quoted by the Republican representative from Pennsylvania was right and they are cowards. Wise bets are on the latter. However they are not cowards for wanting to "cut and run," as was suggested. Rather they are cowards because they disagree with policy on Iraq but lack the backbone to stand up for their beliefs.

  Now of course they are furious with the GOP majority for exposing their cowardice. Good. Hopefully this fury will translate into them having a little more courage in the future when it comes to things like opposing the renewal of the authoritarian "PATRIOT" Act, which is expiring next month.


Outreach Director,
Libertarian Party of San Francisco
(415) 621-7932

P.S. to the Editor - Starchild is my full legal name.