Letter to the Editor* – Decriminalize sex work and let street walkers work on Mission and Valencia streets instead of in a residential area

*Well, a letter to the reporter, since we don’t know the editor’s name

Dear Peter,

Thank you for your February 13 article in the SF Standard (Capp Street Tries To Deter Sex Work. It’s Not Going to Plan https://sfstandard.com/community/capp-street-has-barricades-to-deter-sex-work-its-not-going-according-to-plan/) about the all-too-predictable failure of the city government’s attempt to close off part of Capp Street in an anti-sex work action. Interesting timing with Valentine’s Day coming up, isn’t it? An anti-love attack on the holiday of love? We particularly appreciated your correct observations that sex workers and our clients have been in the area for decades, and that you can’t stamp out the world’s oldest profession. Speaking of clients, please do refer to them as our clients, not our “johns” (a borderline offensive term). Other professionals have clientele – we do too.

For your readers, we would like to express our appreciation for those neighbors who get it, and instead of calling the police to complain about us, are going to call and write their elected representatives to demand that they decriminalize our profession and stop creating the kinds of problems that arise when people engaged in consensual activities are treated as criminals. (Hilary Ronen, if you’re reading, and you get it too as the story suggests, please introduce legislation to decriminalize sex work in San Francisco along the lines of the reforms adopted in New Zealand!)

Love & Liberty,

((( starchild )))
aka Chris Fox
Erotic Service Providers Union Local 415**

**We are a union in the sense that governments by criminalizing our work have made themselves our bosses – by speaking out, we are negotiating with them for our labor rights.

Sex Work Rights Are Human Rights!