Letter to Marsha Levine


  I didn't know you had that kind of history of involvement in the gay community. After what I said at the meeting, we needed a "good cop" to my bad cop, and I think your letter was just what the doctor ordered. Way to go!

    <<< starchild >>>

Thank you Mike. Isn't it only fair that the
convention is held in a low budget location
and the higher budget folks stay in the off
site hotels. Couldn't there be a women's
only dorm.

also I sent this tonight

Personal to Marsha Levine
Dear Marsha,
Starchild told me that he met you recently
and discussed the placement of the
Libertarian Party in the Pride parade. My
name is Philip Berg and I have been
HIV positive since 1982 and am now blind
from AIDS. I established the Gay Clinic in
Baltimore in 1978 (now the Chase
Brexton) which has made a big difference
in the health of gay people living there and
helped raise a significant portion of the
downpayment for the 5-story loft that is
now the GLTCCB center in
Baltimore. I have worked as a volunteer
on the AIDS/HIV hotline at Project Inform
here in San Francisco for over five years.
I tell you this because I am the
LIBERTARIAN candidate for Congress in
San Francisco. Libertarians are not
conservatives. We have had a pro gay
since 1971 that is waaaaay more pro gay
than the Democrats. We gave out flowers
to many of the couples getting married at
City Hall to show our love and
support. Please consider the friends we
are to the gay and lesbian community. No
one is more committed to freedom to
express our humanity , including our
sexuality, then we are - it goes to our core
principle of non-aggression. Our small
size and limited resources have allowed
others to succeed in defining
Libertarians to the general public in San
Francisco in a less-than-liberal light. Trust
me, we are public enemy number one to
the neo-cons.
Because we are the most gay friendly
political party and because we have been
loyal supporters of the parade since its
beginning, please consider a placement
for the Libertarian Party in the parade that
is further forward from the street sweepers
this year.
Thanks for listening,
Philip Berg
Libertarian Candidate for Congress
San Francisco.

also I went to the ANSWER meeting
tonight. I felt like Bill Clinton, smiling while
my stomach turned a bit. The meeting was
tightly run. No business was done. Just a
series of reports of all the horrible things
the US Government is doing. I added a
few for spice and asked for them to
consider endorsing and gave them my
website. Fat Chance! But I showed up and
was very polite.It is very to see them
understand how completely evil the US
Government is and know from some after
meeting conversation that the idea of
limited government is appalling.They
especially liked the report of themilitary in
Bolivia taking over the gas fields.I wanted
to ask them if they like the USMC to take
over PG and E. How long wil the gas still
flow. but I sat quietly and smiled.





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