Letter To D.A. Fenocchio

Bradford R. Fenocchio,
Placer County District Attorney

Dear Bradford,

  I am writing to urge you to drop the case against Steve Kubby. He has suffered enough. The surveillance of his home and family which led to his arrest was based on an anonymous complaint. Many people, including myself, believe that he was targeted because he ran for governor as a Libertarian and was an outspoken leader in the fight against the "war on drugs."

  When political dissidents are put through this kind of hell based on anonymous complaints, and given the equivalent of a possible death sentence based on the minor conviction resulting from such a questionable prosecution, it fuels the impression which a good fraction of the American public now holds, that justice is not fairly dispensed in this country, but rather that government prosecutors act according to their own political agendas.

  It also lowers America in the eyes of the world when U.S. officials make statements to foreign (in this case Canadian) authorities about the kind of treatment a person would receive if returned to face American justice, which are then proven to be blatantly false at best and deliberate lies at worst, when the person is actually returned to the United States.

  Continuing Steve Kubby's confinement, and risking an expensive civil lawsuit that Placer County might well lose by continuing to deny him his medicine and threaten his life, is surely not only cruel, but bad judgment as well. It would indicate to Placer County voters that you think you have plenty of money to throw around for pursuing a political agenda regardless of the human and fiscal consequences.

  Perhaps a good place to start would be by recalling assistant D.A. Chris Cattran from this case and replacing him with someone who has less of a personal history of going after Steve Kubby and is more open to acting reasonably and responsibly. Cattran would not even acknowledge to the media that Steve has cancer when asked about it. Please respond and let me know how you intend to proceed.

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