Letter on a biased prostitution story

A story published online by Los Angeles area TV news outlet KTLA about a recent undercover prostitution arrest operation does a typically (for the media) terrible job of reporting on the incident:

The page does however include a button to “Suggest A Correction”, so I used it to submit the following response:


As a sex worker, I'm writing to let you know that this kind of coverage does a disservice to our community. It basically only presents the point of view of the LAPD without any balance.

It takes the word of police at face value, and doesn't provide any context on how often police reports turn out to be full of self-serving misinformation, lies, and omissions. 

It doesn't give any information about how much taxpayer money was spent on this action, what "trafficking" (if any) was actually involved (the mere presence of a minor doesn't automatically mean they were trafficked from somewhere else against their will), or what lies were told or deception used by undercover officers in making arrests. Did they obtain any sex or "favors" from prostitutes, as police have sometimes been known to do in posing as clients? Perhaps even from the officers? 

It doesn't contain any quotes from any victims, either those who were arrested, or those who were supposedly harmed by them (as if anyone was!).

It doesn't contain any quotes from advocates of decriminalizing prostitution, which is supported by a substantial portion of the public as well as by important human rights organizations like Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, and the Libertarian Party, who call criminalization a violation of basic rights. 

Please provide an update or follow-up story that addresses these shortcomings. 

If you contact me, I would be happy to give you some quotes and/or put you in touch with other sex work rights advocates.

Perhaps others would like to submit additional comments? Perhaps there are other stories on this news outlet’s website in need of correction?

Love & Liberty,

((( starchild )))