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Arnold Is Simply Mad – and Not the Good Movie Revenge Way

RIDER COMMENT: In so many ways, Arnold has lost it. Kind of a King George III story, with an Austrian accent.
The ditch he died it was an environmental cesspool of crap called AB32. If left in place, it will likely gut the state economy. And Arnold doesn’t care, as long as he gets credit for being a good PC environmentalist.
One interesting aspect is that, on the federal level at least, there’s a contingent of “Rust Belt Democrats” who have started showing a smidgeon of common sense about this type of Hari Kari legislation. Their states are already declining, and this type of feel good legislation doesn’t cut it in such devastated economies.
Such common sense is absent from the Governor’s office. And, of course, from the CA legislative state houses as well. The killer clincher is that our state crippling environmental restrictions are DOUBLE the currently rejected federal restrictions.
SD UNION-TRIBUNE blogger/editor Chris Reed documents this problem well in his blog entry below.

If only we had some Rust Belt Dems in Sacramento
This is from Politico:
Democratic Sens. Barbara Boxer and John Kerry will introduce a climate change bill Wednesday that mandates a steeper cut in greenhouse emissions than the House approved on a razor-thin vote in June.
In a discussion draft of the bill obtained by POLITICO, Boxer and Kerry call for a 20 percent cut in emissions [by 2020] -- a move that would seem to put them on a collision course with Rust Belt lawmakers from their own party. ...
The 20 percent target exceeds the 17 percent goal passed by the House in late June and the 14 percent proposed by the Obama administration last spring.
The Rust Belt Dems are upset, of course, because they see the forced change to cleaner but much costlier energy as causing huge problems for their constituents who are already devastated by the deep recession.
Now the sad punch line: California's governor, who says preserving and creating jobs is his No. 1 priority, recently signed a decree that mandates -- not sets a target -- for 2020 on greenhouse gas emissions.
Did Arnold Schwarzenegger think 14 percent -- President Obama's preference -- made sense? Nope.
How about the 17 percent that barely got through the House? Nope.
How about the 20 percent that Boxer wants that is sure to trigger opposition from Rust Belt Dems and GOPer alike for causing severe damage to home-state and home-district industries that would be devastated by higher energy costs? Nope.
ARNOLD MANDATED 33 PERCENT! Goodbye, California manufacturing. Goodbye, thousands of agricultural jobs. Goodbye, any energy-reliant industry that can readily move to another state (or country).
As I have written before but believe more with each passing day, Arnold is right that AB 32 will be his lasting legacy. But not because it made him a hero to greens around the world. Because it triggered a California-specific depression.




Dear All;

Just in case you are not on Fiona Ma's email list and
would want to submit a question or two about the environment here's
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But there's absolutely nothing wrong with trying. Give it a shot it's questions about the environment.

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Interesting. I never unsubscribed from Assemblywoman Ma's email list
(got something from her as recently as the end of September), but I
did not receive this announcement from her office. I suspect that
after my participation in the last one of these online chats she held
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