Let's Just Sue the LNC over anti-Platform "Exit Plan"

So til then don’t have too much time to kick some sell out butt in the Libertarian Party – unless I get paid for all my work, of course :slight_smile:

Even the transitional parts of the platform make it clear the Dixon/Seehausen “Exit Plan” is unacceptable and not much different than the blinking Democratic party’s plan!
For info see:
Comments on it at: LP Chair Mike Dixon’s support for it at

A couple of legal eagle types have told me that LP members have more than adequate grounds for a law suit and living in DC and being a legal secretary I certainly could arrange representation and get some fundraising done to make it happen and pay me $5 an hour.

Or PLEASE take the project on yourself if you have more means and expertise and REALLY want to represent the hard core non-interventionist principles platform!!!

Email and/or call me if you like the idea and we can start meeting/conferencing on it.
Also see Mr. Rearden’s Carol in dc 202-635-3739 PS: I also think it would be useful to survey via mail or phone large contributors to the LNC to discover whether they support this plan and/or they are allied with neoconservatives or foreign lobbies. (Even without the FEC, I think the LNC itself should always make that information available to members and the public.)
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