Let Dr. Ron Paul participate in the May 15 South Carolina Republican presidential debate!

Dear Fox News,

  I have heard that your network is threatening to prevent Ron Paul from debating his fellow candidates for president on May 15. Dr. Paul is a candidate with a significant, passionate following. Online respondents to MSNBC rated his performance third out of ten candidates in last night's televised debate. He has paid his $25,000 registration fee to be on the ballot in South Carolina. South Carolina Republicans who will be voting in that primary, and indeed Republicans nationally who have an interest in the outcome of that contest, as well as Americans as a whole, deserve to hear Dr. Paul and his perspective of limited government and upholding the Constitution.

  The Republican establishment doesn't like Dr. Paul because unlike them, he actually *means* it when he talks about cutting taxes and rolling back the regulatory burden of government -- unlike Bush and big-spending GOP members in Congress who have grown the federal government's spending and debt more than it grew under Clinton. Please don't pander to them! Dr. Paul's message is popular with the American people, and *we* should be the ones deciding who the next U.S. president is, not the anointed gatekeepers in the media or the political establishment.

  Shutting out Ron Paul, a sitting member of Congress widely respected on both sides of the aisle for his integrity and commitment to principle, from debating would be a disgrace, and exactly the opposite of "fair and balanced." Please do the right thing! If Fox screws this up, I'm not going to stick up for you any more when my friends on the left criticize your station for not living up to its slogan -- instead I will have to agree with them based on this episode of pandering to the GOP establishment.


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