Lawsuit against "Top Two" law

Our newly elected LPSF secretary, Richard Winger, is the publisher of Ballot Access News (, and is currently involved with an effort to file a lawsuit to overturn California’s anti-democratic “Top Two” law.

Adopted in 2010 by voters at the behest of then-governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, then-lieutenant governor Abel Maldonado and others in an effort to tilt the playing field in favor of moderate/centrist politicians like themselves, the law has had a profoundly exclusionary impact on Libertarians and other alternative parties. Our candidates, who used to regularly appear on general election ballots in November, when more people are voting and paying attention to elections, now almost never appear on November ballots in Calfornia. By contrast, many general election races in areas of the state dominated by one establishment party or the other routinely feature either two Democrats, or two Republicans, giving voters very little in the way of real choice.

This webpage of the Los Angeles county Green Party gives a good overview of a presentation by Richard and others on the issue:

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