Lawmakers get special license plates that exempt them from tickets

Colorado, Iowa, FBI . . . Once again lawmakers are not subject to the same rules that apply to us.'Invisible'_To_Traffic_Cams_And_Parking_Tickets/27888/0/0/0/Y/M.html

We should begin drawing a line from these political-police formations to the Einsatzgruppen.

The Concord New Hampshire Police's bid for an armored vehicle, to deal with civilians, should be seen in no other light but this.

We should remember it was the police, not the military that conducted the Holocaust.
And that it was their power that turned them from neighbors to scumbags.

Einsatzgruppen - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Cached
  * Formation and...|
  * Invasion of...|
  * Preparations for...|
  * Killings in the...Einsatzgruppen (German for "task forces", "deployment groups" ; singular Einsatzgruppe ; official full name Einsatzgruppen der Sicherheitspolizei und des SD)

Correct! Nothing more dangerous than militarization of local police. I am keeping my eyes open for any news of S.F. local police expanding their arsenal with tanks, etc. funded by the feds.

BTW, the original intent (which has balooned into something else like all good intent) of the traffic ticket exemption was indeed to prevent the opposition from keeping a lawmaker from reaching the legislature floor to cast a vote by detaining him/her for a traffic violation.