Latest Study: Proposition 82 Preschool For All will help few children

Dear Everyone;
  A follow up on Proposition 82 the Preschool-for-all initiative.This latest study concludes very few children would actually benefit despite the literal billioins taken from the taxpayers if it passed.
  In other news Rob Reiner finally resigned from his position as Commissar of the now scandal plagued First 5 Children education group.
  The state demanded audit forges ahead and given the fact they disbursed some $230 million of cigarette tax money chances are good improprieties will be found.
  This of course bodes good for State Controller Westly up for the democratic primary as Governor. I can just hear the crocodile tears as he says just before the June primaries:
  " I bring you grave news today that Rob Reiner a cherished leader and director who worked on behalf of cherished and impoverished children has been indicted by the grand jury and arrested on charges of fraud - embezzlement - chicanery - bribery - and conspiracy to commit all of the above. But my duty is to the taxpayers in seeing to it that these types of miscreants are brought to justice."
  Ah yes politics!!!
  Ron Getty
  SF Libertarian