Late Breaking News: Stimulus Package Almost Ready For Approval

Dear All;

Do to some deal cutting and reductions in the
Senate the new stimulus package has been
reduced down to somewhere between
$780 BILLION and $827 BILLION.
The House has to approve as their stimulus
bill was different in various aspects than
the Senate version. Differences in opinion
on what pork stays or not. [news_yahoo_com]

In my personal opinion if Congress and
Obama really wanted a stimulus package
they should buy each other vibrators and
stimulate themselves all they wanted
whenever they wanted.

This would save cranking up the treasury
printing to the tune of somewhere around
$800 BILLION in phony Monopoly

Boardwalk anyone?

Ron Getty - SF Libertarian
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LOL---and after the Bailout and trillions spent on special-interest
government contracts, RINO-in-Chief Michael Steele had the effrontery
to accuse the Dems today of pork-barrel spending and not going far
enough with tax cuts! Remember in 1994 how Newt & the Frat Boys were
going 'to end the IRS as we know it'? Well we're still waiting for
that one....

--- In, Ron Getty <tradergroupe@...>