Largest SF 2024 SFLP Recruitment Gatherings ( Low Hanging Fruits )?

Any Big S/Election season SFLP Recruitment/Outreach events planned yet for 2024? Last year’s #WNBRsf2023 Rides&AfterParties were surely the Largest ( small “L” ) “libertarian” events in San Francisco ( organized by a Big “L” Libertarian local ). Is the SFLP interested in recruiting more like-minded, if unaffiliated ( low hanging fruit ), new Members/Donors to the Fold — if only to guide them to support LP Candidates on the upcoming Ballots?

As noted in local SF media** & by popular demand, We have added a #Bare2Breakers / #Bay2Breakers ( Sun 19 May ) “warm up” #WNBRsf2024 Ride&AfterParty ( Sat 18 May* ) to the 2024 Calendar to engage the hundreds of “Big & Small ‘L’ Libertarians, Nudists & Naturists & thousands of other fun active loving Weekenders in town to have an extra opportunity to touring San Francisco USA, as #BareAsYouDare, who many not be able to roll with us other dates. You are certainly welcome to just roll shirtless & paint Your back or chest with whatever catchy engaging Libertarian Slogan You like to bring more visibility to the SFLP ) :

  • WINTER Saturday 10 February #LoveParade
  • SPRING Saturday 20 April #EarthDay
  • *SPRING Saturday 18 May #Bay2Breakers Weekenders
  • SUMMER Saturday 8 June International Classic
  • AUTUMN Saturday 28 September #Equinox & #Folsom

11 am Gathering & 12pm Noon Start ( Times for All Rides&AfterParties )

Rincon “Cupid’s Arrow” Park, Folsom Street & The Embarcadero Drive, San Francisco USA


** As reported on :

A Big Smile Guarantees Your Freedom to Roll With Us!

Why We Ride Naked or #BareAsYouDare ( ie: Need a moral reason or excuse for Your Mom, Wife/Hubby, Family, Children, Neighbors, Work Colleagues for being in San Francisco that particular weekend? ) :

We aim to bring greater visibility to the vulnerability of All Human road users so negligent City Officials & reckless automobilists, who inflict the greatest harms**, will be more considerate while promoting more environmentally respectful modes of transit & Exercising Our Inalienable Human Liberty & codified Constitutional #1stAmendment ( 1787 ) Right to Be #ClothesFree ( which extends as far back as the Magna Carta — 1215, 808 years ago ). We also Roll Nude because it is Super Fun & We have Legions of Fans! The @SheriffSF & @SFPD are historically always deferential to Our Right to demonstrate when not defensive in Our favor.

So #JoinTheFun!

**According to San Francisco’s top officials & related emergency agencies, street fatalities have increased to an unprecedented rate since 2007 when the city was significantly more congested with pedestrians, peddlers & automobilists :

“San Francisco saw 391 traffic-related deaths in 2022, which is the highest fatality count since 2007. Thirty-nine lives lost is unacceptable. Every death in this report represents indescribable loss suffered by an individual and the community.”
@VisionZeroSF @SFMTA_Muni @SheriffSF @SFPD @SF_DPH

Happy Nude Year to You & Yours! Onwards & Upwards!