Lapsed members letters

Hi Rob, Ron, and Francoise,

We discussed at the last LPSF meeting sending lapsed member letters and postcards; I said I would be sending letters to the recently lapsed. Today I mailed out 16 letters to folks lapsed 03/11/07 through 02/28/09.

The expiration dates are a little strange, and if any of you can figure a better interpretation than mine, please let me know. The expiration dates I saw and sent letters to were 6 on 02/28/09, one on 05/31/08, and 9 on 12/31/07. I do not see any expiration date between 1/1/08-5/30/08 or 6/1/08-2/27/09.

We also spoke of bringing postcards, labels, and addresses to send lapsed member postcards at the next LPSF meeting. If you all can use LPSF return address labels, I have around 40 left over from my mailing.

Hope we can communicate to past members and some new prospects the LP is a good organization to belong to; since we could use more than the 30 or so paid-up members we currently have.