Language of 16/17y.o. Vote Measure


Even if only the officers can vote, there is still a motion on the table.


  If you are proposing the officers vote to endorse, or recommend the proposition to allow 16 and 17 year olds to vote in SF elections, I would suggest holding off at least until we check the Department of Elections timeline (something I've been meaning to do the past few days, but you or someone else also could if desired).

  As I mentioned during our meeting Saturday, the only real reason I can see to vote now on endorsing or recommending (the choice of term may not matter with regard to ballot measures, as we don't have the Libertarian/non-Libertarian distinction we do with candidates) this measure, is if we want to submit a paid ballot argument for it, and waiting to vote until our August general meeting would make it too late to do that.

  My sense is in accord with Mike Denny's insofar as I don't have the impression that anyone wants the LPSF oppose it; the decision seems to be between supporting, or taking no position, as we did with a similar proposal in 2016 if memory serves. (If I'm mistaken, please feel free to speak up.) As a rule I think we should leave such decisions to the general membership whenever possible.

Love & Liberty,

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