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--------------Monday February 6, 2006: Harland Harrison admits his policies

are one of "Blame America First"-----------------

This should help your congressional campaign!

Is that all you read Derek? Did you see the cartoons?

America is the only country we have any business trying to change. We
certainly should blame ourselves for what we have done wrong before we start
criticizing other nations.

Harland Harrison

Smiles include upturned edges of the mouth, as well as display of teeth.
None of the men circled look they are smiling to me.

I suggest going to this web site and taking the test on recognizing smiles

Although facial expressions and gestures do differ between the Middle East
and West, these people are not smiling. Their leaders know the crowds are
not smiling. For example see this interview, "Cartoons reflect Europe's
Islamophobia", with a winner of the recent Palestinian election:

Harland Harrison


  Do you accept the U.S. government's jurisdiction over you? I don't accept its jurisdiction over me. To the extent it controls me, it does so through coercion. I do not willingly give money to the U.S. government (USgov). I do use certain of its services, such as the postal service, because it would be greatly inconvenient not to. But many people over whom USgov does not claim jurisdiction also use these services. Some of them have more influence over the leaders of USgov, and agree with more of its actions, than you or I do. I think we are victims, and that victims shouldn't be blamed for the actions an aggressor takes against them or others. It makes no difference whether the aggression is done in the name of the victims or not.

  Since I don't accept USgov's jurisdiction over me any more than I accept the jurisdiction of any other government over me -- none of them being remotely libertarian governments -- I do not consider it my business to change USgov any more than it is my business to change any other government. I'll try to change whatever governments I have the opportunity to change. Right now that's mostly the government that claims jurisdiction over the region known as San Francisco, which I will be seeking a position in this November, but if I go to, say, the region known as Thailand later this year, it might be the government that claims jurisdiction over that region.

  As a candidate for the U.S. Congress, of course, I can understand why you would personally be focused on changing USgov, but I don't think you should blame yourself for its actions, or expect other libertarians to necessarily focus all their efforts on changing that particular government, just because it claims jurisdiction over them. Through its actions, it has already given up any claims of legitimacy, and therefore its jurisdiction is invalid -- wouldn't you agree?

Yours in liberty,
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> --------------Monday February 6, 2006: Harland Harrison admits his policies are one of "Blame America First"-----------------

> This should help your congressional campaign!

Is that all you read Derek? Did you see the cartoons?

America is the only country we have any business trying to change. We certainly should blame ourselves for what we have done wrong before we start criticizing other nations.

Harland Harrison


They don't look like smiles to me. Why should the protesters smile, anyway? They are getting shot at, and several protesters have been killed!

I agree that violent reactions over cartoons seem petty and irrational. (See the cartoons below.) However, I have seen ridiculous displays of "outrage" over burning a flag right here in the USA.

As a proud member of the "blame America first crowd" I assure you that the Moslem world has a lot to blame on the Christian world, and especially on the US. They should blame the GOVERNMENT of the USA, not the citizens, of course. However, when our government claims so much "democracy" exists in our country, (despite the fact that we don't even have honest vote counts any more), people without good news sources just might think the American citizens endorse the > abuses.

Just imagine that you lived under an absolute monarchy, propped up by selling the minerals of your country, (which should be in private hands), to foreigners. Or imagine that your country had forced people of your faith out at independence, while people of the other faith marched in. Or imagine your country suffered a bloody civil war between two faiths, when a new country with a third faith decided to invade it for awhile. Or imagine that foreigners from other continents had destroyed the towns and farms of your parents and grandparents, forced you to grow up in a "refugee camp" or crowded into one tiny strip of land, where your family remains half a century later, despite repeated insistence by the UN that you be allowed to go home, while the occupiers live lavishly on what used to belong to your family, make you work for slave wages, if they let you work at all, and regularly kill, torture, and imprison your people while every human rights organization in the world objects.

Now, when the only civil liberty you have left, your religion, comes under attack from the foreigners, you might, like these students, feel angry.

See the actual cartoons on my web site for a short time:

(Print them out and keep them with your copy of "Satanic Verses")

As always you can check out Al Jazeera for yourself at:

If you care to knew the TRUE story of Palestine & Israel go to:

yours in liberty,

Harland Harrison


Harland Harrison
Vice Chair, Libertarian Party of San Mateo County, CA
Candidate for Congress
12th District (San Mateo-San Francisco, CA)>





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Yes, I have accepted the jurisdiction of the US government. I accepted it
when I signed the Pledge. I accepted it when I took an oath to run for an
office in the US government. Without jurisdiction, there can be no law, and
so no expectation of peace, property, or freedom. Being under the
jurisdiction of the US supposedly gives me "equal protection of the laws",
and requires the states to do likewise under the 14th amendment.

However, when I am not within the US, I certainly should not be subject to
its laws. The US not only reaches its tax laws into other countries, but
follows its citizens with special criminal restrictions. For example, it
punishes citizens for traveling to Cuba, or for even doing business with
Cubans in third countries. It sentenced John Walker Lindh to prison for
going to Afghanistan and doing what the government there expected all young
males to do -- join the Taliban army before the US attacked it.

Perhaps one can argue that traveling on a US government passport gives the
government some right to control me. When I went to Peru, I needed that
passport even though my wife was born there. However, in the past, I got
into Mexico and Canada without a passport, (the US will no longer allow
that), and the US especially applies its heavy-handed restrictions in those

The only people under no jurisdiction at all, are residents resisting an
invasion. Rejecting the jurisdiction of the controlling military, makes you
either a criminal outlaw, or an opposing military force. If you belong to
any army, your commander has jurisdiction over you. As defined by the
Geneva conventions, only residents resisting an invasion, without time to
form a real army, can legally fight without a command structure.

How bad must a government become before citizens should declare their
allegiance to a violent opposition? That time has not come yet. But if
change by elections becomes impossible, violent change may be our only

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You are correct that US citizens do not need a passport to go to Mexico or
Canada, yet. Attendees to the LPC cruise convention only need a birth
certificate and a driver's license. I had read that changes would take
effect in 2006. In fact, those changes take effect on December 31 of 2006.

"The Intelligence Reform and Terrorism Prevention Act of 2004 requires that
by January 1, 2008, travelers to and from the Caribbean, Bermuda, Panama,
Mexico and Canada have a passport or other secure, accepted document to
enter or re-enter the United States. As of December 31, 2006, this
requirement will apply to all air and sea travel to or from Mexico."

Harland Harrison