[KV #5] "Watching Social Security Eat the Young Alive" (By Bill Frezza, 12/7/09)

This is a terrific piece to send to people you know who may be in denial about Social Security. And another reminder of why it's vital for the Libertarian Party to focus on reaching young people (Grassroots Key Value #5).

Love & Liberty,
        ((( starchild )))

Thank you for posting this, Starchild. Excellent points. One point maybe not stressed enough in the article is that the young have been reared to be confident that the government is magical and will not let anyone down. That coupled with the universal belief in the young that "it can't happen to me," and you have a great explanation why the young not only "put up" with the current situation but support it. I totally agree with you that Libertarians should be reaching out to the young (and to everyone else!!) to help dispel the confidence in the status quo. But "Libertarians" is not an ephemeral entity, but boots on the ground, the sound of which is oh so quiet!