[KV #2, #4] Political prisoners and the inhumane treatment of the incarcerated

The story below was posted to a cannabis list I'm on. Sadly, I don't think the experience of this man who appears to be a political prisoner victimized by the "War on Drugs" is unusual. From what I can tell, those who have received similar treatment, and lack of treatment, while incarcerated -- in many cases like this one, incarcerated unconstitutionally without charge -- are legion.

  When I hear about stuff like this, my visceral reaction is SHUT THEM DOWN. Shut all the prisons down, fire all the guards and all their supervisors, investigate and prosecute those with complaints against them, and turn the facilities into human rights museums free and open to the public with former prisoners as curators and docents.

  However many guilty murderers, gangsters, rapists, etc., were set free or left on the streets as a result of such a change, it would be no worse than the inhumane treatment that people who often don't even deserve to have been arrested, let alone imprisoned, are habitually receiving at the hands of "our" government.

  This is a sick system, and those who knowingly maintain and/or profit from it without speaking out and demanding reform are despicable. The rest need to open their eyes.

Love & Liberty,
                                 ((( starchild )))