KUBBY UPDATE - Steve has shingles and is losing weight; Michele blames poor diet he's being fed

Here's the latest from Michele Kubby, as posted on www.kubby.org. I fully believe what she says about the effect that the jail's food is having on Steve, having witnessed my former roommate Raphael undergo a dramatic turnaround fighting colon cancer after he started eating healthy (mostly raw foods).

  The phone number for the Auburn jail (Sheriff Edward Bonner) is (530) 889-7800. Please call and ask that Steve's friends be allowed to supply him with decent food. Remind them that Steve is sick and losing weight, and if he dies in custody, they could be subject to civil lawsuits and have blood on their hands.

Yours in liberty,
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Spoke with Steve today. He's lost 25 pounds and has had blood pressure problems due to the poor diet he is being fed. He also has had shingles for three weeks, indicating that his immune system is failing.

The jail feeds the inmates with the lowest quality, most processed food avaiable. They do not believe this is affecting Steve's health, but his weight loss is getting quite dramatic. I am personally very concerned that he will not make it through this situation specifically because of the diet he is being fed.

We are gathering information about the importance of diet and cancer because we are hoping to educate the jail about the danger they are putting Steve in with their poor food quality. So far, the jail has been very stubborn about offering Steve food that will nurish his body's particular needs.

I am so angry at this poor treatment of Steve. Maybe if we all call the jail and try to educate them about the danger they are putting him in, they would relent and let us provide healthy food. So far, they won't even let us give him food.

This is quite odd, because the jail has a deal with McDonald's to provide food from the outside.

This is such a sick situation. I hope that it all ends up O.K. The girls and I have so many wonderful plans for our future together as a family. I pray we can see them come to fruition.


*New Lawyer and New Strategy In Kubby Case. *

*For Immediate Release*
*February 20, 2006** *

*For more info contact Michele@... *

***Auburn**, Ca: On Wednesday, February 15th, the **Placer Court** and Prosecutor’s office were informed that well-known **San Francisco** defense attorney J. David Nick has agreed to represent Steve Kubby, the cancer patient now jailed in **Auburn**.*

*Nick was unable to attend the hearings last week, but E.D. Lerman, from Mendocino, filled in for Nick. In a move that may have surprised the prosecution, the new Kubby defense team rejected the 120 day misdemeanor jail sentence the Placer D.A.'s office had offered. In stead, Kubby is asserting his right to be re-sentenced as a felon by Judge John L. Cosgrove, the original trial judge. A felony sentencing hearing provides Kubby with new rights not available to him under misdemeanor sentencing rules.*

*Prosecutor Christopher Cattran has not swayed from his original stand, strenuously demanding Kubby be sent to jail for refusing probation, or registered as a drug offender, and that he be forbidden from using medical marijuana, without any further delay. *

*While it seems that Marinol may be temporarily controlling Kubby’s high blood pressure, which is a symptom of his cancer, there is great concern that the lack of the other cannabinoids will allow Kubby’s adrenal cancer to grow. Whole cannabis has "miraculously” controlled Kubby's cancer for over 30 years, while leading doctors claim that he should have died decades ago. **Placer** **County** refuses to provide Marinol to Steve while he is under their custody. If Steve cannot arrange for the acquisition of his life sustaining Marinol, he could die in jail from acute symptoms of his cancer.*

*Marinol is a pharmaceutical form of synthetic THC.*

*Consequently, the Court has presently scheduled a re-sentencing hearing for Kubby on March 3rd at **8:30 AM**. David Nick will argue that Kubby should be sentenced to probation. *

*Michele Kubby expressed her gratitude to Dr. Tod Mikuriya, her husband’s physician in California, who has written the prescription for the Marinol.*

*Mrs. Kubby added, “Dr. Mikuriya is also under attack, as is anyone involved with marijuana. Currently he is facing persecution by the Medical Board of California for bravely recommending cannabis to a wide variety of patients. He is facing a fine of over $75,000 for his brave stand.*

*Without Dr. Mikuriya 's support, Steve would not be alive today. He made sure that Steve had Marinol when he checked into the **Placer** **County** jail having a hypertensive blood pressure attack.”*

*Mrs. Kubby also expressed her thanks to others: “The Marinol would not have been there without the financial support of many organizations and individuals, some of which have raised money by collecting nickels, dimes, and quarters.

These are some of the following individuals and groups which have put up the money to keep Steve alive:
Compassionate Coalition
www.compassionatecoalition.com <http://www.compassionatecoalition.com>*

*Axis of Love**, San Francisco***
*http://www.mikuriya.com/ *

*ECO members:**
Jon Lovitz**
Karen Phillips**
Danny Waldman**
Bob Newman**
Kurt Anderson**
Lauren Larsen**
Lily Gels**
Jason Saleeby*

*The dissemination of information is also vital to getting Steve out of jail sooner rather than later.
The following individuals have been tireless in this effort:*

*Michael Jarrell

*Marijuana.ca - Josh
Tom Suther, **Oroncon**, **MN**.*

*The Libertarian Party of **Clark County**, **Nevada** even passed a resolution at their convention to free Steve.
Libertarian Party of **Clark** **County** (**Las Vegas**) www.clarkcountyLP.org <http://www.clarkcountyLP.org>*

It's News, Dude!
**www.itsnewsdude.com* <http://www.itsnewsdude.com>**

Here's a better number -- the direct number for the jail medical center is (530) 745-8660.

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I called both numbers.
The nurse I talked to
sounded intelligent,
cordial and concerned.
She said Mr Kubby
looked fine this
morning when she
saw him. She
conected me with the
manager of the
dispensary. I left a
message expressing
my concern, offering
advice on the best
docs at the UCSF pain
clinic and offfering to
post her response to
what was being siad
on the internet if she
was kind enough to
call me back. It is very
important to talk in a
very autoritative and
friendly engaging tone
so that these people
know that people of
influence and means
are concerned about
Mr. Kubby's well