KTVU just called, said we'd be on 10 o'clock news, around 10:30 p.m. / Press conference update

They were one of the outlets at the prostitution decriminalization press conference today. One of their people just called to confirm a detail with me, and I asked when we'd be on. She said probably about 10:30 p.m. -- probably just a very short segment, like 30 seconds or something. It seems like most of the TV channels are putting their broadcasts online now, but if you have the ability to tape it, it wouldn't hurt just in case.

  The press conference was successful despite a bit of technical difficulty with the sound early on -- Jake McGoldrick's office failed to come through for us on getting the hookup from the City Hall media office, but fortunately Cindy Sheehan's campaign came to the rescue with a portable mic and speaker, although we ended up not using that and just speaking directly to the media. Besides KTVU, Fox News was there, Eric Brenner from Westwood One radio network, a photographer from the Examiner, local political blogger Luke Thomas of FogCityJournal.com (who'd already posted an entry on my CNN appearance yesterday! - http://www.fogcityjournal.com/wordpress/2008/07/22/starchild-kamala-harris-wanted-to-be-an-honorary-sex-worker/#comments), the XBN sex worker network doing a live Internet feed, and some other press folks whom I didn't get a chance to talk with before they took off. (If anybody knows who else was there, please post!)

  We had about a dozen speakers -- myself and Maxine, Slava of the IWW, Robyn Few and Carol Leigh of SWOP -- Robyn sporting a shaved pate after heroically making it out despite being in chemo yesterday! -- congressional candidate Cindy Sheehan, Rachel West of the U.S. Prostitutes Collective, Rick Hauptman of Democratic Progressives, Greg (not sure last name) a former president of the Harvey Milk Club, who gave a very thoughtful speech that I felt was especially good, petitioner Denise Jameson, and I'm sure I'm forgetting someone. All in all I'd estimate there were perhaps 50 people all told. One heckler showed up, who started yelling something about murder that didn't make any sense, but a sheriff's deputy was good enough to intervene after a minute or so and ask the gentleman to step off to the side with him.

  Thanks to everyone who came out, and to those who didn't, I'm sure there will be more opportunities between now and November. Please join the Meetup group if you haven't already -- http://localpolitics.meetup.com/241/ . And feel free to forward or republish this and any of my other campaign announcement or update type posts.

Love & Liberty,
        ((( starchild )))

The heckler appeared to be making an argumentum ad absurdum, yelling:
"Legalize murder! Legalize lying!" That would be a legitimate and
interesting challenge to an anarchist, except that none of the speakers
were advocating anarchism. He made it impossible to hear anything poor
Denise said, and I thought the deputy took disturbingly long to show up,
after having maintained a prominent presence at the beginning. The lack
of a working mike made it difficult to hear anybody at a distance of
more than 6 feet, but it was good to see so many good people there,
including Maggi Rubenstein.