KQED hosts SF district attorney Chesa Boudin tommorrow (Tues. May 3, 7pm)

In-person tickets for the event featuring the controversial DA are gone, but you can still attend virtually. It’s free. Just register at San Francisco District Attorney Chesa Boudin with Political Breakdown | KQED Events https://www.kqed.org/event/1814.

Description from the event site:

As voters consider another local recall, KQED's Politics and Government team hosts an interview and town hall with San Francisco District Attorney Chesa Boudin to help you understand the context and stakes of your decision.

A former public defender, Chesa Boudin ran for San Francisco District Attorney in 2019 promising progressive prosecutorial reforms and police accountability, as communities nationwide began significant reassessments of racial bias and systemic inequities in their criminal justice systems.

On June 7th, he faces a recall election propelled by a conservative-funded campaign alleging his policies have not taken a hard enough line on crime and made San Francisco less safe, while his office is also simultaneously embroiled in disputes with the city's police department.

District Attorney Boudin joins KQED Senior Politics and Government Editor Scott Shafer and Correspondent Marisa Lagos -- hosts of Political Breakdown -- for a live onstage interview to take stock of his time in office, his policies for rethinking criminal justice and public safety in San Francisco, and the current recall effort. They'll take audience questions to address the range of concerns of city residents and help voters understand what a vote to keep Boudin in office or recall him would mean for the future of San Francisco.
The LPSF has supported Boudin, who shares many libertarian priorities on prioritizing going after actual crimes over victimless so-called crimes like drug use, prostitution, loitering, etc., while holding police who abuse their power accountable for a change. Which is why the police and their Big Government “law and order” allies are trying to remove him from office.

The campaign against the recall also has phonebanking and precinct walking going on. If you can help volunteer for justice, visit https://chesaboudin.com/ <https://chesaboudin.com/>. And contact me if you would like a window sign for your home, apartment, or vehicle – I’ve got extras.

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