Koran-Burning Pastor Throws up the Sponge

The Rev. Terry Jones announced today he was cancelling plans for this Saturday's scheduled Koran-burning. Apparently, the fact even Sarah Palin spoke out against the act, caused the fanatics to reconsider. Which shows, of course, who these creeps REALLY follow for divine inspiration!

  The orgy of anti-Moslem bigotry spawned by Jones and his promoters in the right-wing media machine, though, hasn't died down. A gang of thugs recently burned a proposed mosque building site in Tennessee; and a cadre of the really diehard fanatics among the evangelical clergy have planned their own Koran burnings.

  In a way, Jones fulfilled his mission to the Neo-Conintern. He's thrown plenty of gasoline on the (metaphorical) fire at least. He joins Joe the Plumber, Carrie Prejean, and other nonentities catapulted into celebrity-status by the Radical Right.

  Who'll be the new Horst Wessel? LOL

Dear Eric;

The proper term to use for the Rev. Jones is - Useful Idiot - much like Timothy
McVeigh or Sirhan Srihan or Lee Harvey Oswald or James Earl Ray - etc. etc.

Who will be the next Useful Idiot and under what guise of a cause???

Now back to the football game it's a good one Vikings 9 Saints 7...at the

Ron Getty

Yikes!! So I'm naive. I keep thinking folks can vote intelligently, sit down around a table with some green tea, work things out. But, no, eh? We need to spill someone's brains onto pink suits, leave some Mom's without their kids, and some kids without their Dad. OK, I for one will work on the voting/talking approach.



  True, but it's when the useful idiots coalesce into an organized movement that they become dangerous. Jones is looking more like the face of the GOP these days.

Some people are burning copies of the Koran, anyway!

Here is a man tearing out pages and burning them in New York City.


If General Petreaus burning Korans will endanger his troops, I think we should
start burning
Korans every day, until the cowards give up and come home.

After all, when the Nazis burned books, it really stopped people from reading
them. Buying and burning copies of a particular book still in print just makes
copies less expensive.

Reverence for the words has nothing to do with making totems out of the paper
and ink.

The Zen story has it right:


Harland Harrison
LP of San Mateo County CA

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