Kind Words From Justin Raimondo On Cindy Sheehan and Her Run Against Pelosi

Damn right we are against taxes. The US is quite capable of defending itself the same way Iraq is now, or the way the continental army did, and the union for the first year of the civil war. Volunteer militias funded by the people, both rich and poor, and perhaps, and if that does not work, state militias.under the command of the governors and state legislatures. Excise taxes and tarriffs are the only constitutional federal taxes. A well armed citizenry can defend itself, as in Switzerland where every male over 18 serves some time in the army and henceforth has a weapon at home ready to defend the country.

The status quo blinds people to other possibilities and our proven history.

If one has sentiment for the commons, the best way to cement us in common bonds for our mutual defense and protection, is to allow volunteer action to address pressing needs.

Common good rarely flows from coercion, the methodology of action of all governments.

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the invasion of the united Stattes Army and Marines. Most nations don't like uninvited foreign occupiers., wether intent is good or bad, especially ones who have overstayed the welcome, like the British in 1776, or the French in Viet Nam or the US in South Viet Nam or Somalia. The Iraq invasion violates every principle evoked by the founders. George Washington's explicit warnings against interventionist foreign in his Farewell Address, if read by historically ignorant American leaders, would have sent alarm bells about the Iraq invasion. Bush violated every one of George Washington's proscriptions. And don't give me the arguement thet the world has fundamentally changed since 1797. A British ship could appear without warning at any time of the day and nigtht and destroy New York, Boston, Baltimore )almost) and Washington ( burrned to the ground. Very insecure times, just like a very fundamental way. Tehy just understood that liberty is our only security. Liberty and non intervention in other nations affairs.Targeted bills of mark and interventions to directly punish offenders are OK, such as Jefferson's invasion of Tripolli, but indefinite long term occupation of a country that has not aggressed against the US is not in the interest of the citizens of the US.