Jury Acquits Man of 2007 Metreon Shooting Death - SFist

An innocent man freed after 2 years when SFPD misconduct was shown. How much you want to bet the cops who got a witness to lie will not be charged with anything?


I think it's a likely probability the pigs will try and cover up their own misconduct. Actually, I'm surprised that this guy actually got a conviction overturned; but, outside the Bay Area, I rarely hear of it happening. The cops are a law unto themselves in most of America.

  I doubt if half the cases that come to trial have anything legal about them at all. False evidence, police coverups, juked testimony, rigged juries, and brutality are the rule today rather than the exception.

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Dear Eric;

round figure wise about 90% of felony criminal cases go into plea bargains
without a full trial......plus real a healthy percentage of misdemeanor criminal
plead out.... if the rare case that goes all the way and that is usually when
there is some aspect of heavy felony - homicide rape brutal assault kidnapping

Ron Getty

Those numbers would naturally be the case in a rigged system like ours. Imagine the choice between giving the pigs a plea-bargained lesser sentence or a full trial in a kangaroo court with the State applying all its substantial resources to getting a conviction at any cost?

  A person going to a full trial probably has it made known to them in advance that the evidence is already manufactured against them; the prosecutors will stack the juries and leak biased information to the media; and it's better to cave in and plead guilty to give the Prison-Industrial Complex its rake-off.

Dear Eric;

that's why plea bargains are supposed to happen as even the state doesn't want
to go to full trial they might end up like Blagojevich with 24 charges and 1
guilty of by the jury.

Ron Getty

But Blagojevich can afford better lawyers than most people. If that had been you or I, we'd be rotting in a dungeon somewhere, or 'shot trying to escape'. I'm not sure the last case won't still happen to Blagojevich anyway, his big mouth is kind of a liability for the people who framed him.

Who framed Blagojevich and why?

Hi Marge:

   The Republicans who wanted to steal the Senate seat vacated by Obama's election framed him. Blagojevich was also already on the elites' target list because, as a Congressman, he had exposed their war crimes in Yugoslavia.

Hi Eric,
  The Republicans made up the phone call conversation where Blagojevich asked for a bribe in exchange for who he appointed to Obama's vacant seat??? Why did Obama in essence deserted Blagojevich when he got in trouble because if Blagojevich was framed surely Obama in his powerful position would have known it was a frame and would have helped Blagojevich instead of deserting him.
   What war crimes in Yugoslavia?


Hi Marcy;

  To address these points:

  1. What Blagojevich did was unethical and realpolitik; but not illegal, according to the jury. They only convicted him for lying to the FBI (which to mind, lying to the Gestapo is good advice anyway)!

  2. Logical conclusion---but which of Obama's constituents HASN'T he deserted since he was ingurated?

  3. War Crimes: While a congessman, Blagojevich was investigating the phony allegations of mass graves in Kosovo (as much a fake as the WMDs in Iraq). He tried to lead a delegation to Serbia, but was (illegally) blocked by Clinton. If memory serves me right, he also exposed Kosovo Liberation Army's links to al-Qaeda and also the deal that Haliburton had made with the government of Romania to construct a pipeline there after Kosovo was 'liberated'. (The Serbians had previously rejected Halliburton's offer and suddenly found themselves a 'rogue nation)!

   In 1999, I was deeply involved in the protests against the attack on Serbia and somewhere have a lengthy, documented list of Bill Clinton/ Wesley Clark/ Madeline Albright, et.al's atrocities committed there. People have long forgotten about our government's atrocities in Yugoslavia (mostly because Bush's Crimes Against Humanity dwarfed Clinton's in comparison)!

Hi Eric,

We have two ladies with similar names on this list, Marcy (me) and Marge (who responded to your post on the Metreon shooting). Good luck arguing with Marge! She is pretty good at making her case!



Thank you, Marcy, for the compliment.

And, Eric, I shall have to do some research on the war crimes issue. As we are doing a lot of babysitting next week for our 2 year old and 4 year old grandsons, it may be awhile before I get back to you about the war crimes.

1. I don't agree that the FBI are like the Gestapo although I have personally never had dealings with either. I'm glad they got Blagojevich for lying - sort of like they got Hoffa for tax evasion. Blagojevich is a crooked politician as are many others of both parties and all the crooked and/or unethical ones should at least be thrown out of office - and many belong in jail.

2. I agree that Obama is like most politicians in that when you can help him he is on your side and when you become a liability, he pretends he doesn't really know you.

3. If Blagojevich was so against Clinton's Yugoslavian War policy, I'd think that the Democrats would have Blagojevich on their list of people to get rid of, rather than the Republicans. I'd think the Republicans would have liked Blagojevich for making trouble for the Democrats. But, as I said earlier, I'll have to do some research on the Bosnian/Serbian War issue before I can really discuss it.