Judge Gray: You asked for it, you got it!

Well, Judge Jim Gray's new website is up.
It's up and looking really good, too!

The URL: WWW.JudgeJim.Com, which matches his toll free
phone number, (888) Judge Jim.
Also, WWW.JudgeGray2004.Com and
WWW.Gray2004.Com and a few more.

Yes, I'm biased. I work for/with Campaign Highway, the firm
that provides the website for the Gray campaign.
Full disclosure.

That being said, check out how much more clearly he makes
his Libertarian credentials show, right up front.

To wit:
"With regard to drugs, crime, education, guns, health care, and
immigration, government doesn't work. Government involves the
use of force, and consequently is the problem, not the solution.
The solution involves the government getting out of these areas
immediately and allowing individuals the freedom to make their
own choices, along with responsibility for the choices they make.

As an agent of the government, I will not use force against peaceful
individuals who have not initiated force themselves, even when
they have violated government laws."

How is that for clarity?

Please visit the site and read the rest of his positions.
I'm pretty sure you are going to really like it.

You asked for it?
You got it.

Bruce Cohen
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