Join SF Pride organization to vote out bad leadership!

Please consider joining the SF Pride organization, as I just did, so we can elect some better leaders of the organization who will recognize that Bradley Manning is a gay hero who deserves to be honored as an SF Pride parade Grand Marshal. Here's the link:

  Membership is free, you don't have to be GLBTQ, and I'm not aware of any residency requirement, however you must belong for 60 days before becoming a voting members (see ). Board elections are scheduled for September. A Bradley Manning supporter at one of the events also said that you must attend two consecutive meetings in order to be a voting member, but I'm not sure whether that's true or not. I could not find any such rule listed on their website, where the group's bylaws seem to be nowhere to be found (if you haven't been following the story -- e.g. the account I wrote up for IPR at -- they aren't big believers in transparency).

  I've also heard, from a probably more reliable source (one of the panelists at the Harvey Milk Club forum on Tuesday) that 5% of Pride members can call a meeting at which members of the SF Pride board can be voted out of office. So if enough of us join, I think we will have the numbers via that mechanism if not in a regular election to vote out the current Board members who issued this pathetic statement:

  We're taking the position that Bradley Manning IS a Grand Marshal of this year's parade, regardless of what their Board chooses to say about it!

  For more news on the WikiLeaks whistleblower, see

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