Jim Peron, former owner of SF Libertarian bookstore needs HELP

If anyone knows Jim please read the following and do what you can. I
was his partner for 12 years and know the allegations are not true.

Dear Friends:

In recent months I was under a concerted attack being promoted by
Perigo who was spreading the story that I was convicted peodphile. He
this was false as he had personal information that I had several
from the police stating that I had never been convicted of anything.
passed these accusations on to the biggest bigot in Parliament and
that man
named me as a pedophile on the floor of parliament. It destroyed my

I have come to Europe to prepare the World Freedom Summit which I am
organizing this year. Just in the last day or so the Immigration
said that I am not allowed to return to New Zealand. I have lost my
home, my
business and my partner of 10 years is there and I can't return. They
said that the reason for revoking the visa is that I am not of good
character on the belief that I promote pedophilia. It was a big jump
being one to being, as the attacker put it, an "apologist". But even
that is
not true. It is a willful misrepresentation of my views. I have
where age of consent should be or how it should be established but
advocated the idea that people should have sex with children.

My immigration consultant thinks that letters will help. He says the
should state who is sending it, state how long you've known me and
that in the time you've known me you never heard me advocate or
pedophilia. I think a bit of information about yourself would help as

Here is some of what he said:

Really I think that if people want to help with a letter
then we want them to be pointing out that in the time they have known
have never heard you express ideas that would suggest a character
flaw as
Immigration state you have. Would probably not hurt for them to
express the
opinion that Immigration have buckled to pressure from Winston
Peters. I
prefer that letters like that go direct to Immigration, but it would
be good
see a copy so we know what is being said. We want you to be seen to
reasonable, at least at this stage anyway! Others can express their

More so than ever I need my friends to support me. They have
literally left
me stranded with no home, no access to the legal system, no access to
documents, no ability to meet with my attorneys, and with everything
I own
in a building in New Zealand where I'm not allowed to go. I can't
even get
in to pack my things.

When the accusations were first made the Minister of Immigration
that I had a police clearance and seemed satisfied. But the politics
changed. Labour is down in the polls and the election is just weeks
They don't have the support to form a government alone. And the only
with enough support to put them over is the party run by the man who
attacked me. He was raked over the coals when he attacked me by the
And he was determined to get revenge and "proof". And if he could
Labour to revoke my permit he could crow that he got his "proof"
why would Labour do this. This was a politial decision and not a
legal one.

If I am to go home I need to get the Immigration to change their
mind. And
letters of support will help.

Please do that right away! Immediately in fact. They literally only
gave me
a fews day to respond and if I don't the ruling sticks no matter what
happens. And the longer you've known me the more important this is!

My normal data base is in New Zealand and I can't get to it. That
limits the email addresses I have and the number of people I can
reach. If
you know of someone who I know who will help with a letter please
give this
to them. Have them email the draft so I can pass it on to the
consultant and I'll get you the proper place to send it as well. My
life depends on this. You can't imagine the shock of being on holiday
to be
told that you can never return home again! Will you help?

I will try to answer questions as I'm sure many of you are stunned by
development. So am I.

Jim Peron
Jim Peron <peron@...>