Jane Warner Plaza

Dear All;

I am sending this to both groups because of the importance of the message.

The Board of Supervisors City Operations and Neighborhood Committee under Bevan
Dufty has sent a a recommendation to the full Board of Supervisors to name the
plaza located at 17th St. and Castro as Jane Warner Plaza.

Jane Warner was a Patrol Special Officer for some 17 years working throughout
the Castro. The LPSF earlier this year endorsed and gave our support to the
Patrol Special Officer program.

http://snipurl.com/176ln4 SF Examiner Article

Below is the web site for the Board of Supervisors. Please call or email each of
them noting your support for the Jane Warner Plaza. At this time the vote has
not been placed on the formal agenda so I do not know when it will take place.


Ron Getty

Vice Chair

Dear All,

New article on our website lpsf.org related to this important subject. The subject is not limited to the deserved honor to Jane Warner. Jane was a dedicated member of an organization of which so many in our City are unaware, and should be.