Items you would like to see on the last agenda of the year

Dear All,

I will be posting the agenda for the last LPSF meeting of 2011 this coming weekend, and there seems to be little on it so far. Any topics anyone out there wishes to include?



  Thanks for seeking input on the agenda. One item could be to talk
about the results of our mailing to local schools; how many responses
did we get, how should we try to follow up, etc. I was recently
reminded, talking with LPC northern vice-chair Michael Pickens, how
important school outreach is -- he told me about a Libertarian in
Placer County who regularly does this and has registered several
hundred Libertarian voters.

  Another could be for each of us to talk about what we've done for
freedom during the preceding month, and what we hope to do during the
next month; also what help, if any, we could use from others in
accomplishing those goals. I vaguely recall us deciding to do
something like that as a regular part of our meetings, but could be

Love & Liberty,
                                  ((( starchild )))

Hi Starchild,

Yes, both good items for the agenda. Thank you.