Is this a police state yet?

Is this a police state yet?
  The term "police state" originates from the pervasive use of brutal force by police, to enforce tyranny. View the videos in this message and see if this is happening. Many law enforcement officers have now done a tour of duty in Iraq, where they learned to use methods that are not limited by our laws.
  Psychological tests are often given to identify violence-prone police Officers, but we wonder if these tests may sometimes actually be used to hire more violence-prone police.
  PSYCHO COPS Strip Search Innocent Woman - part 1 of 2
  PSYCHO COPS Strip Search Innocent Woman - part 2 of 2
  Man's Wife Attacked, Stripped Naked and Abused By Police
    These days, video footage can come in very handy...
  ...... (or can get you in trouble)
  What we chose to ignore - the plans to suspend the constitution
  This is What A Police State Looks Like
  Patriot Act Presentation
    Andrew Napolitano at FFF Conference, Part 4 of 4
    Woman TASED At Best Buy

    Video showing officers arresting Carol Ann Gotbaum at Phoenix's Sky Harbor Airport just before she DIED WHILE HANDCUFFED in a holding cell.
    Blackwater advertisements
    Land of the Free